Anyone with interest for Chinese sound art should definitely check out this site.

The webmaster JIN Shan (金闪,aka p.s.o) is a sound and video artist based in Hangzhou, China. Since last year Hangzhou is doubtless one of the most robust area on the map of Chinese new music – a fact that suprises no one given the city’s past as a hotbed for experimental art (also, the China Academy of Art there is decently-equipped both physically and mentally). The prominent name of the Hangzhou sound art scene is “2pi”, or Second Skin, or Di Er Ceng Pi(第二层皮)in Mandarin. Started in late ’90s by noise-guitarist LI Jianhong(?剑鸿), 2pi is a record label, an annual experimental music festival and a avant-Rock trio (of which Li is a member) all at the same time. So far their portfolio includes two festivals (with the 3rd due this November), a couple of CD/CDR releases, and many small shows and tours.

I’ll write more about 2pi and their works on more appropriate occasions since this post is about artscope. Well, at the frontpage (and so far the only page) of it is a bunch of links that point to some recent works by leading Chinese sound artists (in MP3 format). Except for the Hangzhou artists (sic, JIN Shan) the site also features LIN Zhiying(林志英) from Shenzhen and Justin ZHONG Minjie(钟??)from Guangzhou, and XU Cheng(?程),WANG Changcun(王长存) from Shanghai. Highlights are stream 02 and 03, also known as “Seasons Tour” featuring Wang, Jin, Zhong and sic in Beijing and Shanghai this past September. An album titled “Seasons” will be released later.

Many of the works on artscope at present are unmanipulative field-recordings, however, this is only a slice of the reality of the scene, since none of the featured artists are exclusive phonographist. None of their solo albums are being distributed in the west so far, but WANG Changcun‘s “Melancholy-Swallowing Mountain” (working title) was finished and will be released by Sub Rosa soon, and you’ll be able to have a taste of XU Cheng and Justin ZHONG Minjie‘s early works in Post-Concrete‘s 2CDs compilation CHINA: a Sonic Avant-Garde.



  1. js said

    sorry but pls dont call me with 2pi people, i had out of this rock label long time..

  2. Lawrence said

    ok i’ve made the change.

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