Scanner’s 05.11 Guangzhou Timeline

I blogged about Scanner (Robin Rimbaud)’s new CD “Flower Echoes” that he made for the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial a few days ago, it’s also part of the “Sound and the City” (SATC) project of the British Council China, this is the project that brought Brian Eno, Peter Cusack, David Toop and Clive Bell to Beijing, Scanner will reach Guangzhou around Nov. 15, it’s strange that by the time I write this post, this English page of BC does not provide any information about his Guangzhou visit, while the Chinese version of the same page does provide a timeline, so I’ll do the work for BC (for free) now:

– Nov. 15: In the morning Robin will meet with “local artist”, namely WANG Lei(王 磊), the two will be performing together on the open ceremony of the Triennial. In the afternoon there will be a press conference.

– Nov. 16: There will be a sidebar concert, kinda warm-up for the main course.

– Nov. 17: Robin will be the guest of a special online live chat session, hosted by, and there will also be a workshop during which Robin will meet the winner (s) of a certain “Name My Favorite Sound” contest (you don’t really have to know what this contest is all about).

– Nov. 18 is of course the big day: the Triennial starts, and Robin will play live and present Flower Echoes in the form of sound installation, probably at Guangdong Museum of Art I guess.

You must be dying to listen to the work, don’t worry, 5,000 copies of Flower Echoes CDs will be distributed for free with the soon-to-hit-the-shelf issue of City Pictorial(城市画报), in which you’ll find a 10-odd pages feature about SATC, including an interview with yours truly.

(DISCLAIMER: the above translation of the timeline of Scanner’s Guangzhou visit is NOT a faithful representation of the original Chinese text, a small dose of cynicism was mixed into the basic facts. The British Council China is responsible for the facts but not for the cynicism.)


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