Dajuin Yao’s sound installation in Nanjing

(Correction Appended 0:17 am, 2005.11.4)

I blogged about the “first large-scale sound installation in China”, “large-scale” is not to be omitted here, for many Chinese sound artists, sound installation is nothing new, some of the 2pi artists in Hangzhou organized sound installation exhibition about 3 years ago, and from this Sunday (Nov. 6) on, Dajuin Yao‘s sound installation “Geophone Nanking” (地??京)will be open to public in RCM – Red Classic Museum(红色?典艺术馆),Nanjing, China.

The installation is part of an exhibition called “Nan Jing Cheng” (Nanjing City,?京城), curated by the Graduate School of Architecture, Nanjing Univ., four artists were invited to create works based on their perception and study of the spatial/aural characteristics of Nanjing city, the other 3 participants are experimental filmmaker YANG Fudong(??东),architect CHI Tie-nan(季?男)and fictionist-turned-filmmaker ZHU Wen(朱文). So in a word, this is another site-specific commission.

So far I know as little about Dajuin’s installation as you do, but if I didn’t get it wrong this is his first serious sound installation, judging by his past works this will definitely be something that I’ll look forward to experiencing myself, but the thing is I’m not able to visit Nanjing recently (the exhibition lasts one week), so I’ll try to get some photos (and hopefully some recording too?) and share with you here.

The address of RCM is: 2/F, #6 Zhong Yang Rd., Nanjing(?京市中央路六?二楼). The open ceremony will be held 15:00, Nov. 6, the exhibition ends on Nov. 13.

More info:

Press release (in Chinese)

GSA, Nanjing Univ.

– Dajuin Yao’s cluster of websites: Post-Concrete (his new music label), New Music Web (s) (music criticism – in Chinese), Foretaste Radio (online new music radio, proto-podcast), or, use www.sinologic.com as the portal to all the above and much more…



  1. a said

    “the other 3 participants”
    Haha, that’s interesting.
    I’m not going to judge anything before the actual creation is showed, but are these guys really sound art lovers or just someone famous in Nan Jing, maybe both.
    by the way, what do u mean “site-specific”

  2. milkpig823 said


  3. Lawrence said

    hi a:

    I’m not sure if I understand you or not, but if you care to read my text again, allow me to steer your attention to this sentence:

    “four artists were invited to create works based on their perception and study of the spatial/aural characteristics of Nanjing city”

    Is the word “spatial” invisible to you?

    As for site-specific, it should be self-explanatory, if not, please turn to Google for help, just search for “site-specific” and you’ll see a suggested result of “site-specific art” (don’t even need to scroll down!).


  4. a said

    “Is the word “spatial? invisible to you?”
    Not really, what I was intereasted is the reason they’ve been selected. I am not sure where are YANG and CHI from, but ZHU is quite famous local novel author in Nan Jing, yeah he is now making movies too. Here’s the question: why ZHU?, is he a qualified guy who probably has unique perspective on Nan JIng’s sound environment or because of his fame, somewhat like those officers travelled to somewhere and usually been asked to show off their horrible calligraphy, but people enjoy donig that because they know what are they gonna use it for.

    “don’t even need to scroll down!”
    yeah true! thanks for that!

  5. Lawrence said

    hi a:

    I will not pretend as if I’m qualified to answer your question, guess you’ll have to turn to the curators for help (if you really want to do that, I can hook you up with one of them). However, Zhu Wen’s work for this project has nothing to do with sound, it’s an architecture/video installation in collaboration with GSA (see the press release I linked).

    peace out,

  6. a said

    “Zhu Wen’s work for this project has nothing to do with sound”
    Right, that’s my mistake! I was like waving my fist to the air, ha.

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