Waterland Kwanyin #21

This Tuesday’s (Nov. 8th) Waterland Kwanyin will be a mixture of the wacky new and the routine old: you’ll see a short film made by Rocker-turned-Breakcore artist FENG Jiangzhou (former lead of The Fly), and a group of 3 with the weird name “A Train Wreck for My Comrades”.

Here’s ATWFMC’s official intro:

A Train Wreck for My Comrades: This is not a Beijing Punk Band

Somebody Set Us Up the Bomb Album

Frank and Rania formed A Train Wreck for My Comrades in 2005 as an emotional protest against the ban of the Sichuan numbing pepper from import into the USA. Having met working together at Microsoft Research Beijing, they collaborated on the disastrous “code karaoke” confusion project which convinced them to spread the seeds of dissent to the masses itself. Later they were joined by the mysterious Neema “the shah” from Iran.

“when everyone is an electronica band then no one will be an electronica band.”

All loops, videos and ideas were the property of the people to do as they wish and distort. Nothing is original since everything deconstructed is derived from the theft of something else. We aim to take familiar melodies and images and subjugate it as our own intellectual bitch for your entertainment pleasure. If you do not think we are talented, it is because you are a mere fool. Let us fill you with love and noise.

“we are all doomed anyway, so crank up the music”

Frank is Filipino-Chinese-American and received his Masters in Government from Harvard and likes puppies. Rania received her Masters in Interactive Media from New York University and has been creating multimedia installations in Beijing forever. Neema received his Masters in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. None of them are musicians. None of them can read or write Chinese. All of them like the numbing pepper.

“Distortion will set you free”

UPDATE: What’s funny about it is the members of the band insist on using auto-translation software to translate the above intro into Chinese, you can read the Chinese version here (a total mess, of course). The reason for doing this, according to the Beijing expats themselves (as reported by YAN Jun), is to acclimate to the bad Chinese translations of English texts which are so common in Beijing.

When: 9:30 pm, Nov. 8
“2 Kolegas? bar(“两个好朋??酒?), Qi Che Dian Ying Yuan (?Driver’s Cinema?), 1.5 km east of Yansha mall, Beijing.
Inquiry: +86.10.8196 4820, +86.135 5227 6845 (mobile)
Entrance: Free.


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