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(Correction appended 10:53 am, Nov. 8, thanks to WANG Changcun)

Today on Cornersound I came across a post by “aaajiao”, the short post consists of two parts: first is a quote from Chinese contemporary composer CHEN Qigang(陈其钢), the second part is aaajiao’s comment. I’ll translate the post here:

CHEN Qigang: “In western countries, people consider music critics as the parasites of composers, they cling to the musicians and live on their blood. This bunch of people do nothing to support musicians, they have but one goal: to prove the importance of their own egos. And just how are they going to do that? They think of themselves as marksmen targeting the musicians, and the fact is: they know nothing. If there are no musicians in the world, they will die immediately. In fact, what they do is to trample others’ hard works. There are many people who don’t seem to respect others’ works, so the music scene and the critic’s scene, it’s also a totalitarian world. Let’s put reviews aside, it’s even difficult for a composer to understand his/her colleagues’ labour, they write a whole grand symphony from scratch, with millions of notes, handwritten one after another, and what do our critics have to say? ‘What a crap.'”

So what do I have to say about the “Livescope” section of “What a crap.” (except for the 2 live recordings of Four Season tour.)

Looks like I have the counter-opinion, for me, the most intriguing sounds from are those (almost) unmanipulated (field-) recordings, the Four Season lives (stream 02 and 03) are so generic that they simply faded into background while I was listening.


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  1. a said

    “What a crap”
    I’ve heard some critics lash themselves as ass sucker. In fact, they are nothing more like police who supposed should serve the publics but usually present inversely.
    Once noise gets invovled into politics, which means the police was told that’s accecptable at maximum, it becomes music, othewise, what a crap!

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