Nan Jing Cheng official site

The official website of GSA, Nanjing University‘s art project Nan Jing Cheng (Nanjing city) can be found here. The site is bilingual (Chinese and English), but many of the sections in the English version remain to be filled yet. There are more to read in the Chinese version.

The exhibition opened the day before yesterday, and the program also includes one symposium and 4 lectures in Nov. 7 – 8 (that’s today and yesterday). The lectures will focus on the notion of “urban space”, with subjects listed below:

1. Spatial Informality (by Dr. LONG Yuan 龙元 ?士)

2. Fluid Modernity: Modern Transportation & Urban Space (by Dr. XU Min ?? ?士)

3. Metropolis & the Fragments of Modernity (by Dr. WANG Min-an 汪民安 ?士)

4. Public Space in the Post-1980s Chinese Cinema (by Mr. DU Qingchun ?庆春)

Related info (and what this event has to do with sound art):

Dajuin Yao’s sound installation in Nanjing


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