2pi Festival 2005 – Nov. 26-27, 2005

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The performances will start at 14:00 each day instead of 20:00, as reported by Global Noise Online earlier. It’s a change made at the organizer’s end.

Certainly one of the most exciting events of Chinese new music scene: The third 2pi (should be read as “R-Pee”, not “Two-Pie”) Festival will be launched on Nov. 26.

The two-day festival, curated by 2pi Records, is regarded as the annual report of Chinese experimental musicians.

They players for this year include:

Nov. 26, 2005

Nakatani-Chen Duo (USA)
XU Cheng (Shanghai)
ZHOU Pei (aka Ronez, Guilin)
YAN Jun (Beijing)
WANG Changcun (Harbin)
D!O!D!O!D! (Hangzhou) + Marqido (Japan)

Nov. 27, 2005

Hetleveiker (Australia)
JIN Shan + CHEN Wei (Hangzhou)
CHU Kim-fai (Guangzhou)
Marqido (Japan)
Dajuin YAO (USA/Taipei)
Torturing Nurse (Shanghai)

The show will start at 14:00 each day, single entrance ticket costs 50 yuan per day, an 80 yuan festival pass is also available.

I’ll write more about the festival and some of the participants later.


– XU Cheng: Shanghai sound artist & designer, responsible for many of the artworks of Chinese experimental releases. Regular collaborator of Torturing Nurse, member of Two Noughts. Plays with contact mic and Analog Box, a “low level, circuit-based, real-time modular software synthesizer” developed by Andy J. Turner.

– ZHOU Pei (Ronez): The only experimental musician in Guilin, China, and one of the earliest too. One of the few real circuit-benders in the Chinese scene, he plays with custom-made hardware electronics on stage, if you know the works of The Bran Pos (Jake Rodriguez), that’s what Ronez will sound and look like basically, although Zhou is calmer on stage than Rodriguez. ^_^

– WANG Changcun: Sound artist, website designer. Max/MSP player, field-recordist, member of China Sound Unit. Debut album “Melancholy-Swallowing Mountain” will be released by Sub Rosa soon.

– D!O!D!O!D!: Grindcore duo composed of LI Jianhong and HUANG Jin, crazy improvisation of guitar and drum plus a handful of playfulness.

– JIN Shan + CHEN Wei: This is sth worth looking forward to, both are formerly associated with 2pi (Chen was a member of the Fushitsusha-like band “Second Skin”, and is the editor of the CSA webzine), both are drifting away from the Rock-oriented approach of it. This will be their first public appearance as a multimedia duo. JIN Shan (aka p.s.o.), IMO, possesses the rare talent to fuse emotional energy into even the most abstract sounds, while at the same time, remains conceptually cutting-edge.


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