Dickson Dee’s Japan Tour

Hong Kong-based musician/curater/label owner LI Chin-sung (Dickson Dee,?劲?) will play in Japan in December, according to his own blog.

@ CCA Kitakyushu, w/ HAINO Keiji(?野敬二), workshop + concert, Dec. 8 – 10. CCA Kitakyushu’s website is here, no detailed info about the show yet.

@ Stormy Monday & Forth Floor, w/ Zbigniew Karkowski, YOSHIDA Tatsuya(?田达也), Astro, FURUDATE Tetsuo(?馆彻夫), ADACHI Tomomi(足立智美), Dec. 12 & 14. This is curated by Mr. Furudate, more info here.

Despite his long-time dedication to the Chinese experimental scene, Dickson Dee’s career as a touring artist didn’t start until last year, since when he had travelled extensively around the world playing concerts and giving workshops. Before that he was an important entrepreneur of Chinese new music, who has brought numerous foreign experimental artists from abroad, to name but a few: John Zorn (as early as 1995), Haino Keiji, Zbigniew Karkowski, Ruins, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M. Dickson also runs the Noise Asia label, which has put out a wide spectrum of Chinese (and foreign) releases. Quite an omni-present figure of the scene.



  1. […] Following my previous post on Dickson Dee’s Japan Tour, here’s the detailed information, from Dickson’s own blog. […]

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