Waterland Kwanyin #22

Tomorrow at Waterland Kwanyin (a weekly sonic exploration curated by YAN Jun in Beijing):

– DJ OK (YAN Jun + ZHANG Jian)
– 2J (aka White 2J)
– XIE Tianxiao (Guitar Solo)
– WU Quan + ZHANG Weiwei

Here’s 2J’s official intro:

The Beijing based band ‘2J’ is the result of a collaboration between 2 musicians who were already active in the Beijing music scene: Jeff Hardy (Car sick Cars, White) & Joewi Verhoeven (ex-Downheart, White). Although the band is still in a very early stage, they already have a sound that is not heard before in Beijing. Their music is compared with that of German bands like ‘Neu!’ & ‘Faust’ to name some. The foundation of the band’s sound is provided by a guitar and a keyboard, but they experiment with more instruments to create an even more interesting sound. Imagination is the limit, so to speak.

When: 9:30 pm, Nov. 15
Where: “2 Kolegas? bar(“两个好朋??酒?), Qi Che Dian Ying Yuan (?Driver’s Cinema?), 1.5 km east of Yansha mall, Beijing.
Inquiry: +86.10.8196 4820, +86.135 5227 6845 (mobile)
Entrance: Free.


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