More on “Geophone Nanking”

(UPDATE: broken photo links fixed.)

Some photos of Dajuin Yao‘s sound installation work Geophone Nanking (地??京) upped here and here. Click here for photos of other participants’ (ZHU Wen, CHI Tie-nan, YANG Fudong) works. (It’s a Chinese BBS, scroll down for images)

There are actually not so much to see in the sound installation, I’ve translated the official description of the piece for ya:

(UPDATE: Dajuin sent in his own translation of the text) Dajuin Yao’s “Geophone Nanking” is built on the metaphor of a “geophone” – a 2,500-year-old ancient Chinese military surveillance device used in the defense of cities. A scout would sit inside a large underground urn in order to detect, by sound alone, the attackers’ tunnel digging. For a city that is “historical” in most dimensions and one that has seen many invaders throughout history, it is appropriate as it is poignant to listen to the sounds of Nanjing in this acousmatic setting, devoid of any visual information. The sounds one hears in this space are gathered by various modern-day devices and cover a wide spectrum of life in Nanjing. The significance of this work lies in the concept of auditory surveillance of a city in its totality as well as in each individual sound object, which deserves attentive, deep listening.

Please go to this page for the original Chinese version.

You may have noticed that I’ve been using two different Pinyin system for the name of the city: Nanjing and Nanking. The latter is the old spelling (pre-1949) and is used by Dajuin for historical association, it’s a pity that this nuance was neglected by the organizer: on the info plate attached to the installation, the printed title is “Geophone Nanjing”.

Related info:

Dajuin Yao’s sound installation in Nanjing

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