New Doufu compilation

LI Jianhong reported on his blog that the Guilin-based label Doufu Records is going to release a compilation with contribution from China, Australia, US, France and Japan.

The title of the compilation is: Emotions (sic): From Somewhere to Nowhere(迷情 失心), click here to see the cover.

Doufu (literally means bean curd) is the one-man label of Ronez (ZHOU Pei), I’m pretty sure he’s the only experimental musician in Guilin so far. He’s working to get the comp. finished before 2pi Festival 2005 so that the audience will be able to buy a copy then, online order will follow soon.

Here’s the line-up of the compilation:

Two Noughts (Shanghai)
LI Jianhong (Hangzhou)
YAN Jun (Beijing)
Persimmon, aka Shizi (Beijing)
D!O!D!O!D! (Hangzhou)
LI Tieqiao (Beijing)
Ronez, aka ZHOU Pei (Guilin)
Hetleveiker (Australia)
Torturing Nurse (Shanghai)
Stimbox (US)
BIE Feng (Lanzhou)
Jedung kying (Shanghai/Guangzhou)
ZHOU Jin + Marqido (China/Japan)
Go Gooo (France)

Related info:

About Doufu Records’s past releases

About Ronez

Ronez’s blog (in Chinese, but scroll down for more larger photos of the comp., Go Gooo is responsible for all the artworks.)


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