Torturing Nurse’s new split with Armenia

Yet another brand new item to the already massive (well, compared to other Chinese experimental acts’) discography of Torturing Nurse! This time it’s a split with American hardware noisician Leonardo Sabatto (aka Armenia). Sabatto released the split under his own label called Bizzarre Audio Arts.

The artworks can be viewed here. (designed by XU Cheng)

Some of Armenia’s works can be downloaded in MP3 format here.

GNO wrote about Torturing Nurse before, read it here.



  1. shadow said

    This sounds very interesting to me. Could you point out a link somewhere, either on your site or somewhere else, that goes into detail about what Global Noise is?

    I can only get a sense of what it is from your detail posts and would like to get a bit more in depth into what it is all about.

    Dewayne Mikkelson

  2. Lawrence said

    hi Dewayne:

    In the “about” page you’ll find this statement:

    “Global Noise Online (2005.10 – ) is an information center of sound art/experimental music, with an emphasis on China and other developing areas in the world.”

    I hope this short description is clear enough. Right now GNO covers only Chinese new music/sound art, but other countries are in the pipeline too.


  3. shadow said

    Thanks for the quick response Lawrence!
    This sounds like a very exciting art form!
    Would this be a good description also?

  4. Lawrence said

    Yes, Dewayne, that’s it.

    Btw, if you’re interested, there are something to hear (rather than just reading) online, is a good place to start, and you can download Hangzhou noise artist LI Jianhong’s selected works here:

    have fun,

  5. shadow said

    Thanks Lawrence I will give that a listen! I am very interested!

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