Dickson Dee’s Japan tour (timeline)

Following my previous post on Dickson Dee’s Japan Tour, here’s the detailed information, from Dickson’s own blog.

(LI Chin-sung ?劲? is Dickson’s Chinese name)

– Dec. 8 – 10: LI Chin-sung + HAINO Keiji(?野敬二)@ CCA Kitakyushu [workshop & concert] (curated by Akiko MIYAKE 三宅晓?/CCA Kitakyushu)

– Dec. 12: LI Chin-sung, Tetsuo FURUDATE(?馆彻夫), ADACHI Tomomi(足立智美), Astro, Tatsuya YOSHIDA(?田达也)@ Stormy Monday [concert] (curated by FURUDATE)

– Dec. 14: LI Chin-sung, Zbigniew Karkowski, Tetsuo FURUDATE, ADACHI Tomomi @ Fourth Floor [concert] (curated by FURUDATE)

– Dec. 15: LI Chin-sung, Zbigniew Karkowski @ Musashino Art University, Tokyo [lecture & small concert] (curated by Karkowski)

– Dec. 17: LI Chin-sung, guest musician @ Yokohama Triennial [multimedia performance] (curated by Maco Miyazaki)

More info about Dec 12 & 14 show here.


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