Dajuin Yao on Vermilion Sounds

Vermilion Sounds, a radio program produced by Isobel Clouter and Peter Cusack, will re-air an interview with sound artist Dajuin Yao by Aaron Ximm tomorrow. The program will be streamed on London-based Resonance FM. From phonography.org mailing list:

VERMILION SOUNDS on RESONANCE FM 104.4 in Central London
streamed on http://www.resonancefm.com

VERMILION SOUNDS – the radio program for environmental sound,
acoustic ecology, sonic research and creative field recording.
Produced by Isobel Clouter and Peter Cusack

Friday December 2nd 8.00pm – 9.00 BST
(repeated the following Wednesday 11.00-12.00am)

The Frontier of Chinese Experimental Music and Sound Art Dajuin Yao in conversation with Aaron Ximm

Chinese sound artist Dajuin Yao talks about his work as a field recordist, radio host, founder of label Post-Concrete, and organizer of Sounding Beijing, the first-ever experimental sound art festival in China. Dajuin plays released and unreleased work from his label, his archive, and his China Sound Unit field recording project.

Compiled and edited by Yao in 2003, the double CD “China: The Sonic Avant Garde” continues to be one of Vermilion Sounds’ favourites CD . Highly recommended.

Interviewer Aaron Ximm is a field recordist and sound artist best known for his Quiet American project and the Field Effects concert series he hosts in San Francisco.

This program is one of the occasional series The best of Vermilion Sounds” repeated from Jan 2004.

Previously about Dajuin Yao on GNO:

Dajuin Yao’s sound installation in Nanjing part 1, part 2


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