21floor’s debut show – 2 days to go!

Yesterday I received 21floor‘s invitation to their debut private performance this Saturday (“private” means it’s invitation-only), it’s a small folded card with the Chinese character 请 (“Please” or “invitation”) handwritten on the front cover and a “K” logo (stands for Karaoke of course) on the back. At the other side of 请 is the invitee’s name written with brush in a traditional Chinese calligraphic way, a 3-inch CDR is attached on the opposite.

The disc is a VCD containing some sort of “trailer” of the group. Also in the invitation envelope is a press release, of which the soft copy can be read here.

So far, 21floor is:

– CHEN Gang (producer, graphic designer, video artist)
– Justin Zhong (sound artist)
– LIN Zhiying (sound artist)
– Zafka (sound artist)
– Thom CHIN (curator, video artist)

21floor is an open project, guest artist will be invited according to the occasion. The first guest is Michael Brynntrup, the German experimental filmmaker, whose works will be projected on Saturday’s performance.


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