ADMIN: 1-click RSS subscription buttons added

In the right column you’ll see 4 new icons, those chicklets enable you to easily add Global Noise Online to your favorite RSS Readers. Right now there are links to Bloglines, Feedburner, Google Reader & My Yahoo!, all you need to do is to click once on them and follow the instruction.

Among the above 4 readers, my personal favorite is Bloglines, although its frame structure is kind of out-fashioned. It also occurs to me that people interested in sound art are not necessarily tech-savvy, to the point that many don’t even know what an RSS Reader is. If that is the case with you, I strongly recommend that you click on the Bloglines link and have a taste of it. RSS Reader is like your postbox, I’m pretty sure that once you have a postbox, you wouldn’t want to call all the magazines that you’ve subscribed to check if they have new issues out. It’s pretty much the same with RSS Reader: it’s just a “soft” postbox that saves you the trouble of ploughing through all the blogs and news sites in your bookmark.


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