21floor debut (review #1, by Totemz)

Totemz blogged about Saturday night’s performance of 21floor here, below is my translation:

#1 Michael Brynntrup (Berlin), video work

The bossa nova classic Girl from Ipanema in karaoke version (i.e.: voice was taken off), oh my – among the 10-odd versions I’ve listened to, this must be the most “minimal” & astounding one. Accompanying the song is the video of two naked guys washing the car of a foxy lady, dedicatedly polishing the windows and doors. I didn’t get it, is it only kuso or what?

#2 Thom CHIN (Guangzhou), video work

Rainy day, a view of passengers on an overpass. The camera stays still all along, so do most of the images on screen. The only moving objects are the passengers and their umbrellas – creating a kind of density variation, the murky video on the TV set placed on grass & the occasional train in the background.

#3 Justin ZHONG Minjie (Guangzhou), sound performance

This is the richest and most varied performance I’ve ever heard from Justin Zhong. With his regular rumbling noise at work, Zhong mixed into them a breath of humanity this time: a heavy dose of human voice recordings from daily life were used, especially those associated with phone conversation – various kinds of people, different volume, diversified accents.

#4. Zafka (Guangzhou), sound performance

Is it another version of Rain Rain Rain?

Zafka’s background in Rock music explains his control of rhythm and structure. Nevertheless, compared to the live concert, I do prefer the tracks titled I, II, III, IV on his Podcast page (these are probably the tracks contained in that stack of to-be-sold CDs last night).

#5. LIN Zhiying (Shenzhen), sound performance

Sorry, I didn’t finish, I was kind of sick and the smoke in the venue does nothing to improve my condition. Judging from the first ten mins, I didn’t hear anything particularly exciting, it’s like a stream of fountain recordings.


1. Brynntrup’s work projected is called “IPANEMA lip-synch”
2. Zafka used to be the lead guitarist of the Shanghai-based post-rock band The Prague.


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