“Fuck art to its climax.”

(Correction Appended)

I just accidentally found this hilarious post (in Chinese) that I wish to share with you as a present for the Midwinter Festival. The date of the post reads October 04, the title is “Fuck art to its climax”, in the first paragraph the author demonstrates his/her sense of ironic humor by commenting on a ballet directed by ZHANG Yimou – one of the biggest filmmaker of China. From the 2nd paragraph on (in translation):

Half-week ago, during a weekend, I went to another performance, a 70-year-old man named Terry Riley – who is presumably very niubi (see footnote 1) and avant-garde – presented the aged works that brought him his fame. There were also some other New Age, Left Field & Acid bands – apparently more niubi and avant-garde – making tribute to him with the cover version of his music. The senior himself, with beard long enough to touch his belly, wearing a small hat, made a tribute to Middle Eastern music by singing an odd, off-key tune from the Middle East. But the most niubi group was left for the last minute, it’s a quartet from Japan, with shoulder-length hair and skinny faces, they were all in soft and loose pajamas, their eyes shined with hallucinative ray of light – all reminded me of the Wushisan-taken (see footnote 2) homosexuals in the Wei/Jin Dynasty of ancient China. Ten mins before they took the stage, earplugs were distributed to the audience; ten mins after they took the stage, all the audience who forgot to take the pills ran out of the house.


I used to think that being a writer is great, because you masturbate with your words and mental-masturbate with your readers, now I know that’s nothing compared to being an artist: you sodomize art and rape the audience, and rebellion is strictly prohibited. In the whole universe, there are probably only two other businesses of their match: mainstream media and politics.

What a blessing!

What is hilarious to me is the author’s description of the performance, which was obviously a feast for “psychedelicists”. I would be surprised if “the quartet from Japan” is not Acid Mother Temple (or related).

Footnotes: 1. “niubi” (literally “cow’s cunt”) is the mandarin slang for “cool”, “fantastic”, kind of similar to the Hip-Hop slang “dope”. 2. Wushisan(五石散)is presumably ancient China’s equivalent of LSD.

(Yitzchak Dumiel contributed to this post.)



  1. screaming said

    hello M. Lawrence.

    I digged about Wushisan, and found some useful information. according to the information, it’s rather a philtre, a potion used to stimulate sexual sensation, while LSD is normally used as “acid”.

    this link explained something about it.

    PS: I myself really would like to see the footage showing the young man appriciating that little foot, as described by that author. it’s truely some very chinese styled eroticism isn’t it. i was reading something about chinese style S/M (sorry i forgot the name of the book), according to the book, a real addictted general cut the little feet of women and eat them.

  2. Lawrence said

    Thanks, Screaming, if that article is credible (which I’m not able to tell), Wushisan is indeed aphrodisiac. However, it looks like the author was thinking about acid drugs when he mentioned Wushisan, as he made an analogy between the state-of-mind of those seemingly zoned out Japanese musicians and the imaginary state-of-mind of the “homosexuals in Wei/Jin Dynasty”. My footnote is for the English readers to have a direct but not necessarily accurate (hence “presumably”) picture of what Wushisan is about, and your comment balanced my account.

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