“Wo Ai Torturing Nurse”

Turtoring Nurse‘s album Hai Shangnurse on the label Harshnoise was chosen by American webzine Tiny Mix Tapesmr p as his personal favorite 30 in 2005, here’s his review:

Founded in 2004 by Misuzu and Junky (both from no-wave/noise group Junkyard), Torturing Nurse has been said to be one of very few noise acts from China; yet they are easily one of the most penetrating noise groups currently making music. Based in Shanghai, Torturing Nurse are the epitome of harshnoise (or whatever the hell you want to call it). From an isolated, perhaps naive Western perspective, it’s hard to imagine such brutal noise being made, or even enjoyed, in China; but from the footage I’ve seen, Torturing Nurse seem right at home. Hai Shangnurse, their latest album, is actually a CDR on Harshnoise, which is quite depressing since not many people (noise lovers or not) likely heard it. Nonetheless, in just four lengthy tracks, the immediacy of their live show was captured brilliantly. Balancing performance art with noise, Torturing Nurse add a corporeal element to noise that is usually displaced in favor of underscoring the physical power of volume, and it can all be heard on Hai Shangnurse. Torturing Nurse has volume, too, but they also add caterwauling and physical movement, pushing their brand of noise into a whole other level. They’re not just standing around with thumbs up their asses; Torturing Nurse are expressive, and not in that faux-rock star kinda way. While many noise releases rely on volume to be appreciated as something “significant” or “worthy,” the intensity of Hai Shangnurse is communicated no matter what level your volume meter is at. WO AI TORTURING NURSE!!!

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For those who don’t know, the last sentence of the review means “I Love Torturing Nurse!!!” in Mandarin.

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