A note to PC users reading GNO

(Important correction appended, 16:13, Jan 4, 2006)

Dear PC users:

I can imagine how you hate the typeface of GNO, but as I said in this previous post, there seems to be no way to adjust the font on this blog hosted by WordPress.com (I would be appreciated if you can prove that I’m wrong). For the time being, if you’re looking for a visually more appealing reading experience, please use this feed (provided by Feedburner, not the built-in feed provided by WordPress) to subscribe so that all the formatting here will be preserved. As for the RSS readers of choice, Google Reader‘s “lens-like” AJAX effect of the left panel looks formidable; Bloglines is still the most popular web-based reader (especially convenient for those with tons of feeds to read).
You can subscribe to GNO with Google Reader and Bloglines by clicking on their respective buttons in “subscription” link category of the right column.

PS: Mac users won’t have this problem, the reason of which I couldn’t understand.


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