Bob Gluck again – GNO plagiarized!

Wang Changcun alerted me on Google Talk today that Bob Gluck’s article (hyperlink taken off as the article has not been finalized yet, see my previous post for background information) had been revised. Yes indeed, the false information about Chen Yuanlin were taken off. But the most interesting revision is that of the paragraph about non-academic experimental sound artists, I quote:

The recent appearance of numerous young experimental sound artists has been one of the more distinctive aspects of electronic music in China around the turn of the 21st century. The work of a number of these artists are included on the 2003 CD compilation, ‘CHINA: the Sonic Avant-Garde’, includes works by Wang Changcun, Jia Haiqing, Fu Yü, Zhou Pei, cy (Ding Dawen), Susuxx (Su Xin), Zoojoo (Zhang Jü) and Yoyofaye (Xiang Fei)], Zhou Pei, Xü Cheng, Zhang Jün’gang, Hu Mage, Jiang Yühui, Wang Changcun, Zhong Minjie, and various components of the China Sound Unit. Also, among those included are Zhang Jungang, who now focuses more on photography than music, and Intelligent Shanghai Mono University [B6 (Lou Nanli), which subsequently disbanded. Other recently prominant musicians, not represented on this compilation, include Jin Shan, Chen Wei, Zafka, Lin Zhiying, 21floor, Fm3, and Yan Jun. Kenneth Fields (correspondence, January 4, 2006) describes 21floor (formerly 21floor Sound Unit) as “a Guangzhou-based experimental group composed of Justin Zhong Minjie, LIN Zhiying & Zafka (Zhang Anding). Both Zhong & Lin have been working with sound for several years. Zhong already has two self-released albums and a series of live performances (including one at Nuit Blanche festival, Paris, 2004) on his portfolio, and Lin also has one album out and a wide exposure nationwide. Zhang used to be the lead guitarist of the Shanghai-based post-rock act Prague Spring, but he has been making sound art under the alias of Zafka for about a year now. These three are clearly the most prominent sound artists in the South China.” The group refers to itself as a multimedia group rather than just a soundart trio.

Please bear in mind the above quotation is a straight copy & paste from this article (hyperlink taken off as the article has not been finalized yet) circa 16:30, Jan. 5, 2006. There are no modifications except boldicization.

Now, it’s true that Global Noise Online is under Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5), but if you take a close look at the rules:

You’re free to copy, distribute, display and perform the work, as well as to make derivative works, UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: 1. Attribution: you must attribute the work in manner specified by the author or licensor; 2. Noncommercial: you may not use this work for commercial purposes; 3. Share Alike: if you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a license identical to this one.

(The full license in legal English)

I suppose that Gluck’s article is noncommercial, however, it fails to meet condition 1 and 3.

Now let’s get down to business, in the above quotation of Gluck’s article, please pay special attention to the texts in boldface. The part about Zhang Jungang and Intelligent Shanghai Mono University was “built upon” a “transformed” comment of mine in this post. The large block of boldicized text at the end is “copied” from my post titled “Introducing the band – 21floor”, dated Nov. 29, 2005.

Do I get credited? No.
Is there a Creative Commons license on the page displaying Gluck’s article? No.

Please, Mr. Gluck, is it the way to do your job? Rules aside, how comes that you don’t even bother to make sure that the brackets match when doing copy & paste?

Here, let me provide more material for you to build your article upon:

1. Intelligent Shanghai Mono University is B6 (LOU Nanli), cy (DING Dawen), Susuxx (SU Xin) & Zoojoo (ZHANG Ju), period.

2. Among these four, Susuxx & Zoojoo have been silent in the scene for several years now. cy, who’s real job is newspaper editor, makes commercial electronica occasionally (like the soundtrack for commercial expos, etc.). B6 is the only one in the quartet that continue to make music, however, he’s not considered part of the sound art/experimental music scene since he is an electronica musician (a good one).

Here‘s a Japanese blog post about B6’s new EP “My Post-rock Yard”.



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