Off Topic: Windows/Unix/OS X users

I know the frequency of my going off topic is a little bit too high lately, but man, it’s the eve before Macworld Expo 2006, let’s stay away from the boring artsy stuff and dive into geek’s world for a moment. ^_^

What I’d like to share with you is this article on MacSlash, titled “A Linux Geek Gets His First Taste of RDF” (I have no idea about what RDF is, but according to the article, it’s “Reality Distortion Field emanating from Steve Jobs”.), in which the author has some interesting observation on the difference between Unix/Windows/OS X users. Here’s a line from him:

These (OS X people) were people who cared about understanding how this stuff works, but not so much that they would let it interfere with them from getting their first kiss before they graduated from High School.

If you need something to justify the fact that most of the so-called “creative type” of person are using Mac, here is it for you.

UPDATE (1:10 am, Jan. 11, Beijing time): MacRumors and Engadget are doing on-spot live update of the Expo:

MacRumors (don’t need to refresh manually, but text only)
Engadget (text and pics, need to hit command/ctrl + R yourself, they’ve just live reported CES 2006, so probably more experienced.)


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