Junky: “I don’t like laptop-performance!”

Translation of some of Junky’s posts on his new blog.

Recent projects | Jan 14, 2006

I’m recording for the following projects:

1). 200 tracks for RRR. Already recorded 100 tracks lasting 3 – 5 mins each, haven’t edited and mastered yet. The chance is 2/3 of these tracks will be used in the final release, which means there are still 150 to go.

2). A split with Mutant Ape, a harshnoise project from UK, this will be released by Shasha with very special packaging.

D!O!D!O!D!/Ronez/Torturing Nurse 3-way split | Jan 15, 2006

I’ve made a suggestion of a 3-way split release of real hardware/analog noise acts of China to the Belgium label Inacedb, they tend to make it 3 cassettes of 20 mins each. I’m kind of bored with CDR format and prefer analog releases such as cassette and vinyl. Can’t stop but keep putting out releases, but I like this kind of life :)

Listening | Jan 15, 2006

I’ve been listening to 30 noise/experimental albums in MP3 format sent to me by Dickson Dee recently. Enjoy Erratum #4 (3 CDs) and Astromero (Hiroshi Hasegawa + Damion Romero) – s/t very much. I love to listen to this kind of sound in the rainy days of south China, Hiroshi’s Astro has a more unified sound than C.C.C.C.. Sometimes I just want to indulge myself all day in this dedicated sonic force, like the sturdiness of rain falling on marble.

Exhausted day | Jan 16, 2006

Rushed home for dinner after work and started working on the RRR recordings, 90 tracks have been finished so far. I did some cutting at the beginning and the end of each track. This is a painstaking process. Btw, I still insist on performing with hardware only, never softwares, except for audio editing and mastering softwares during the post-production. I don’t like laptop-performance!

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