Li Jianhong on WFMU

Hangzhou-based noisician LI Jianhong blogged about his exposure on WFMU. The original Chinese version here.

Yesterday, Brian Turner from WFMU radio in America emailed me: “These discs are AMAZING and getting nice airplay on WFMU! Thank you and please keep us in mind for future releases!”

Not until then was I aware of their airing my album, and I went to their website to check, so it has already been aired four times. I wouldn’t know if he hadn’t notified me via email.

They boast to be the most influential independent radio in the States, indeed, they play many unpredictable music that you like. I used to be a regular listener of them and did get to listen to quite a few desired but inaccessible music. Later I spent less time with it, which nevertheless remains one of my favorite radio stations.

It is Alan Cummings from UK that hooked me up with WFMU. Cummings is distributing my albums and he recommended them to WFMU. In fact that happened in 2004, but I was too lazy and didn’t mail them the package until early September in 2005. (they’ve sent emails urging) It’s not by airmail and in the end of September Brian Tuner told me that he’s still expecting it, I thought it’s lost and so be it, never knew they already had the whole RTV-702 played through.

Those interested can follow these links for the four programmes. Click on the time codes to choose individual tracks:

1. Nov 6, 2005 (hosted by Mita)
2. Nov 14, 2005 (hosted by Hatch)
3. Nov 28, 2005 (hosted by John Allen)
4. Oct 25, 2005 (hosted by Brian Turner)

Previously about Li on GNO:

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