Links for Jan. 20

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  1. zhao said

    wow! i go to hong kong for 3 days, and come back to the site to see LOADS AND LOADS of nice links! well done!

    keep up the good work!

    last week, i met some american guys from the creative commons project who are working in beijing. they plan to set up a china creative commons network at 人大 in beijing… i dont know much about creative commons, but i told them to check out your site and keep you informed about their developments…

  2. Lawrence said

    Glad you enjoy my daily linklets, this is common practice on many – especially geek’s – blogs. As a sound art blog I find it difficult to find cool links, also, going offtopic is in many circumstances more interesting than sticking on a fixed one.

    As for Creative Commons, again, it’s easier to find them on tech-savvy blogger’s blogs. Anyway, thanks for the plug.

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  5. Johnn said

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