Junky’s wondrous life

I’ll go on and translate some more blog entries from Junky (CAO Junjun) of Torturing Nurse. These might be trivial posts but they reflect the man and his music’s personality in a direct and effective way, this is something you won’t get in their English language interviews.

For original Chinese version of each post, just click on the respective titles.

Frances and seven sermones ad mortuos

17:28, Jan 17, 2006

Went to dzmz (1) and bought Jessica Lange’s award-winning film Frances, which I’ve watched in my very early years. A re-watching of the film has deepened my loathing towards establishment, now I understand why Kurt Cobain named his daughter after it.

Received email from Simone, he said the album Three’s a Crowd had been finished and he’ll send 10 copies to me this Friday or Saturday. Now Torturing Nurse already has releases in 6 countries: China, America, Britain, Australia, Belgium and Italy! Below is the cover and inner artwork (2), specially designed in the format of a DVD-case, released by the Italian noise label seven sermones ad mortuos!!


13:28, Jan 18, 2006

Now playing their New Movements in Cmpd. I own 10 of their albums, plus one split with Two Assistant Deputy Mikawa, one split with Kazumoto Endo (Killer Bug), one collaboration with K2 and four live videos. They’re probably my second favorite Japanoise act (the first is Hijokaidan), totally schizophrenic sound, all kinds of sound waves clashing with each other. I love to see the charming twitching of middle-aged men on stage, with same level of devotion from offstage audience. I feel completely relaxed listening to this sound!


20:26, Jan 20, 2006

Busy for the whole day in my office, in the evening the whole band went to Ben’s place for his African cuisine:) I like Carl Stone, very interesting sound, I’m really fascinated by unique, special sound, I really can’t live without music!

I must go to bed now, very tired, must save my energy for tomorrow’s recording session, will continue the recording for RRR tomorrow, and the 20 mins for the 3 ways split of Belgium!!

Congratulations to http://myspace.com/torturingnurse whose pageview has hit 100, and 41 noise artists have added us as friend. I think we would be better off living in America or Japan, I hate China!!!


1. dzmz is the initial of Da ZiMingZhong, a well-known pirate market in Shanghai.
2. To see the artwork please refer to the original post.

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