21floor’s debut show: what’s new

Latest update from 21floor‘s debut performance……

CHEN Gang(陈钢), a design major who’s working as the art director of 21st Century Business Herald, will act as 21floor‘s producer. He’s also the patron of this particular event.

– Since the venue (the KTV room) is equipped with screen and projector, they’re having curator/video artist Thom CHIN(覃岛)to play some of his video works. A short film by the German experimental filmmaker Michael Brynntrup will also be screened – with the kind permission of Mr. Brynntrup himself.

– The invitation list is being worked out, currently, the people on the list are divided into 6 categories: artist, journalist, professional, student, public servant, workers & peasants. To be more accurate, they are editor, reporter, freelancer, filmmaker, poet, choreographer, painter, amateur philosopher, experimental writer, manager, teacher, firefighter, home decoration worker…..How many of these people will actually go to the show is pretty much beyond 21floor’s control. But since the multiplicity of attendees is crucial, it would be good to have some mandatory measures. Besides making the concert free (it is), what about a free CD to all the participants? It can be the live recording of the whole event.

IMPORTANT: Attendees are allowed to invite their friends for the next installments of 21foor events.

– Here’s the arrangement of the event:

1. Video projection (30 mins): Video works by Thom CHIN and Michael Brynntrup

2. Sound performance (90 mins): Justin ZHONG Minjie(钟??), LIN Zhiying(林志英), Zafka(张安定). It will be mostly based on urban soundscape, expect a lot of field-recordings.

3. Discussion (60 mins): This is regarded as of the same importance as the performance, so be there, listen carefully and tell the guys what do you think – or just slap them in the face if you want. The whole process of discussion will be documented.

4. After-show party (as long as you want…): that’s what a KTV room for, isn’t it? ^_^

When: 20:00, Dec 17
Where: Gin Yan Club (Jing Yan Hui 惊艳会, #46, Shamian street, Guangzhou. At the side of Blenz Coffee)

Previously about 21floor‘s debut show on GNO:

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  1. […] However, keeping track of an on-going scene is by no means a simple task. Some of the names mentioned in Mr. Gluck’s article are obsolete (for instance: Intelligent Shanghai Mono University has disbanded a long time ago; Zhang Jungang has been focusing on photography and hardly composes anymore.), while some new prominent people should be added (Jin Shan, Chen Wei, Zafka, Lin Zhiying, 21floor (1, 2), Fm3, Yan Jun, to name but a few). It is in this sense that I think this blog, with an attempt to observe, archive and comment on the evolution of Chinese sound art/experimental music, might be able to justify its own existence. […]

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